The Bora principle Or - physics can be so beautiful.

We don't even let cooking fumes and odours rise up, but rather extract them where they arise: directly at the hob, directly from pot, roaster, pan, grill. This is not magic, but applied physics according to the basic principles of fluid mechanics. To do this, we simply use a transverse flow that is greater than the rate at which the cooking fumes rise.

Fresh air

Cooking in the comfort zone

BORA draws odour and grease particles directly from the cookware, so cooking fumes cannot rise up and spread annoyingly throughout the room. The released grease particles are effectively trapped in the stainless steel grease filter. You cook as if you were in the fresh air.


Much quieter than conventional cooker hoods

Conventional extractor hoods cause a nuisance of a good 70 dB (A) directly at head height. BORA is completely different: at the highest level it generates a sound level that is even quieter than frying a steak. This is made possible by sophisticated technology with quiet motors, perfect decoupling and installation in the kitchen base.

Clear view

No disturbing extractor hood at head height

BORA frees you from the constraints of conventional cooker hoods. No edges and corners at head height. No stooped posture. No steam in your field of vision - or on your glasses. No restriction of vision. And thanks to BORA, chefs and cooks are not left on the sidelines, but are part of stimulating hospitality.

A selection of Bora products

Professional 2.0
BORA Professional 2.0

The best of the best. - A cooktop extractor fan is revolutionising the kitchen. BORA Professional is the combination of the high-quality cooktop extractor fan and powerful, overshot cooktops with a depth of 54 cm.

BORA Classic 2.0

Unlimited freedom. Maximum flexibility for the individual kitchen: the combination of a high-quality hob extractor fan and various powerful hobs.

X Pure

The new BORA X Pure impresses with its particularly wide hob and striking inlet nozzle. The surface induction allows maximum flexibility in the arrangement of the pots.


BORA Pure stands for purist, reduced minimalist design. It can be individualised so that you can easily set personal accents.

If you love good food, you have come to the right place. Because we will design your dream kitchen together with you. Your advantage: We are the professionals. The kitchens of European brand manufacturers are naturally the salt in the soup. We plan, advise, sell and deliver.

Klaus Sladko
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