Quooker: The tap that does it all

A Quooker consists of two parts: the boiling water tap on the worktop and a small reservoir underneath, where the water is stored at 110° C. Learn more about how the Quooker system works.

How it works

A Quooker system consists of a tap on the work surface and at least one reservoir for boiling water (100° C) under the work surface. The reservoir is as well insulated as a thermos flask, the heat cannot escape. Therefore, only little energy is needed (10 watts/hour) to keep the water in the reservoir at the right temperature. The reservoir is connected to the water pipe. When the boiling water is removed, fresh water flows into the reservoir immediately under the countertop.

Would you also like chilled, filtered bubbling and still water from your tap? Then you still need the reservoir: the CUBE from Quooker.

All from a single tap

Quooker offers two 3-in-1 taps: Fusion and Flex. Both models supply cold, hot and boiling water whenever you want. Flex has a flexible pull-out spout for hot and cold water, which is ideal for cleaning the sink, for example. Both taps can be installed in the bore of the current tap.

By the way: With the new CUBE you can now get chilled bubbling and still water from the Quooker tap in addition to 100°C boiling water.

The Quooker Collection

Which Quooker suits you? Do you want to use boiling water only, or cold and warm, chilled, filtered bubbling and still water? Have a look at the different versions in our gallery, with round or straight outlet. In many different designs, including attractive matt black. A tap of ravishing beauty. Elegant, chic, mysterious, but also cool and stylish.

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