Countertops Each piece is unique

The high level of stonemasonry art and the creative potential of the employees lead again and again to innovative product novelties in materials, colours and surfaces. Many solutions such as ceramic countertops or the surface "Leather Look" are processed at STRASSER to unique classic but also avant-garde creations.


Alpine Green

Alpine green - from the region of the Großvenediger: A natural stone as green as an Alpine lake. Deep and full of secrets. Thousands of years of change, shaped by wind and weather. Fascinating. A natural stone, green like a jewel. A touch of exoticism and yet at home.

Glacier stream

Glacier stream - from the Valais: A natural stone, clear as a glacier stream. And yet mysterious and mysterious. Individual in its structure, like mankind itself. Refined by STRASSER after decades of experience and with highest quality standards. A natural stone, beautiful like a gemstone. Cool and yet homely. Made for exclusive kitchens and extraordinary people.

Our Countertops Highest quality in production and processing

Polished natural stone

This surface, which is exclusively polished with water, impresses with its natural elegance and timeless appearance.

Natural stone Leather Look

Leather Look countertops are reminiscent of the touch of leather due to their delicate structure. The silky matt surface gives the natural stone an incomparably pleasant, warm feel and appealing appearance with a charming character.

Natural material ceramic

Quartz particles, feldspar, porcelain clay and clay - these are the ingredients for the well-known natural material ceramic. These are fired at 1200 degrees Celsius, making them so hard-wearing that they can be used as covers for kitchen furniture. They are heat-resistant, largely scratch- and cut-resistant and also very easy to clean.

Quartz composite Polished

Quartz is one of the hardest basic materials after diamond. By adding colorants and possibly small pieces of glass or mirror, noble effects are achieved. Quartz composite stone is only heat-resistant to a limited extent, so it is recommended that a stand be used to prevent thermal shock or discoloration. Due to its high quartz content, the composite stone is largely scratch and cut resistant.

Quartz composite Leather Look

Quartz composite Leather Look has a leather-like surface through special processing, which has a very modern and exclusive look. Quartz composite stone is not porous, has a closed surface and therefore does not need to be impregnated.

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